DIGITAL SURF COACH - 1 to 1 Online Video Analysis

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Elevate your surfing with your own 1 to 1 Digital Surf Coach.

Your Digital Surf Coach (Martin Connolly) will analyse your video, and send you:
- An assessment of your surfing from the video you sent.
- Specific tips aimed at you. Using text, pics, and/or video to explain.
- A specific video for you to watch from the Surfing Techniques TV catalogue. 
WHAT YOU NEED TO DO: Purchase and email a video of yourself surfing that’s specific to what you would like to improve. YouTube/Vimeo/Instagram link, or a download link via We Transfer. Any aspect of surfing, for example a specific type of turn, catching waves, paddling, backhand, pop up, surfing fast, bogging rails, etc. And please email these details:

Names & Age:
Height & Weight:
Years Surfing:
Board Dims:
Which Aspect Of Your Surfing Would You like To Improve:
SPECIAL OFFER: Free 1:1 Digital Surf Coach Session when you purchase an Annual Subscription of Surfing Techniques TV

Our instructional videos have been proven to work:

Thank you so much. Since applying the techniques demonstrated in the videos my surfing has improved a lot specially the cutback-carves on both sides. Most importantly, I’m having a lot more of fun in the water now by timing different sections of the wave better. Great work! Pedro

Another well reasoned and clearly explained lesson. Excellent. Dan Harmelin

Really useful. Picked up plenty of tips to progress. Jimbo

I honestly think it is simply the best video analysis and schooling one can find on surfing. Thanks again. Marco

I think I now have the knowledge I needed to advance beyond the plateau where I have been stuck for years! Thanks!! Andy Nates

I've been surfing for a few years but wanted to pick up my game. All the tips are so clearly explained that I surfed better the very next time I went out. Dan Jackson