Without a doubt THE most in-depth and useful DVD guide to advanced surfing we've seen. It's hard to imagine a shortboarder who wouldn’t find something here to improve their game. Magicseaweed

Anyone from a frothing grom to stiff old fart will step their surfing game up with this DVD. Surf Europe.

There aren’t many learn to surf videos on the market, so when a new one comes out, I always like to check it out. 110% Surfing Techniques Volume 2 is a great example of a learn to surf video done well. Want to surf better? This video can actually help. Transworldsurf

Finally an instructional DVD that not only delivers for beginners but for surfers of every level. With detailed blow by blow footage and clear explanation it's hard to think of a surfer who wouldn't benefit. Magicseaweed

Packed with hot footage and useful tips, this DVD should appeal to beginners and intermediates alike. Carve Magazine.


110% Surfing Techniques Volume 4:

This is so valuable, love the content you're putting out! Patrik Becomes.

Another well reasoned and clearly explained lesson. Excellent. Dan Harmelin

Great video. Guy Bartlett.

Very useful video. thanks a lot. Luisa Bister

Awesome great. kyle watts

Digging the videos guys, very well@put together 👍🏽 littlebantamsurftrainer

Great video, thanks a lot for that. Good hints - can't wait to get out there next weekend. David Scott

Worth watching this. Thanks for the vid. Morgz Morgusson

I went surfing to Bali twice and I improved my surfing a lot over there. Back home, I watched 110% surfing techniques and I improved even more. Your surfing tips are so detailed and thoughtful, thank you so much! Adrien Lafond

Thanks a lot for these amazing videos Luis Mambrini

110% Surfing Techniques Volume 3:

Thanks Martin, I have downloaded all the sections now. I have had a quick look at he air section and the tips look fantastic - explaining exactly the bits that I have been missing when speaking to other surfers that can sort of do them. Many thanks for a great job! Sasha

Thank you for your great surf video tutorials, they are really awesome! I just bought a new volume and I am super happy. Stella

I have to say this is the most versatile instructive video compilation i have ever seen.I was first introduced to it from another website that had a link to the videos on you tube if i remember correctly.

Hi guys A big hello from New Zealand....Love your work, volume 2 and 3 are excellent and have helped me a lot... specially understanding some techniques and applying them better (started surfing in late 20s so this is super useful). Ale

Thank you so much. Since applying the techniques demonstrated in the videos my surfing has improved a lot specially the cutback-carves on both sides. Most importantly, I’m having a lot more of fun in the water now by timing different sections of the wave better. Great work! Pedro

Volume 3 was great  . the format  of the first 3 volumes , was  very clear and useful for improving a bit my surfing , which is the key point of every volume. Giuseppe

Dear Martin and Annika just a quick note to thank you for the great work you have done. i have recently purchased the full digital collection and i honest.y think it is simply the best video analysis and schooling one can find on surfing. thanks again

More super-useful insights. Already making a difference!. Dan Forster

Some new ideas to work on that I hadn't considered before. john mochan

Great tip to help with my surfing chris hughes

110% Surfing Techniques Volume 2:

I'm a 62 year old, 50 year surfer. I bought both volumes 1 and 2 prior to my annual three month trip to the Caribbean this winter. I rode mostly a 5'10" LOST RNF. I found volume 2 to be very helpful. I definitely improved my backhand off the top snap with your suggestion of putting my leading hand on the deck of my board. I never did get a full tail slide but certainly felt 'drift'. It's a start!!
I also benefited from the concept of 'commitment' on my bottom turn and the notion of different bottom turns depending on the situation and where I wanted to on the wave.
I enjoy watching the vids over and over and will be purchasing volume 3 when it is available. Keep up the good work. Mike Ryan

Both Volume 1 and Volume 2 are great!   I watch them over and over each week, and learn more each time.  I think I now have the knowledge I needed to advance beyond the plateau where I have been stuck for years!
Thanks!! Andy Nates

Really impressed with DVD. Picking up all the things I knew needed sorting out in my technique and my surfing is improving faster than it has in years. Will be readily awaiting volume three! Keep up the good work! Marty Mulcay

Awesome stuff! This is so helpful, keep up the good work! Ben Jarvis

I've never seen the mechanics broken down so well before, showing great examples of good and bad along with very actionable pieces of advice.  (I used to publish a women's surf magazine so I've seen quite a few videos, book, and articles and none came close.) Looking forward to #3 coming up so I can buy the set of 2& 3 together. Anyway, great job! Cheers, Sunshine

"i've been surfing for many years, and I surf everyday there is a wave, I knew I could be doing better and 110% surfing shows you in great slow mo detail where you are going wrong, after watching the dvd I would work on one part of my surfing at a time and I would watch it just before I went in, it has improved my surfing a great deal (I was reasonably good to start off with!) Mainly just tweaking things, but those little tweaks have a big effect. Yes you may be able to do a good cutback, but can you do a great cutback? That’s where this dvd comes in for intermediate/advanced surfers it just irons out all those bad habits we get into. I would highly recommend this DVD and can't wait for the next one, hopefully it will help me make the 180 air reverse I’m working on, I just can't get it right!!!!" surfer4life

I love your videos.... my girls started to competing this year and these videos are helping us a lot...thank you sooooooo much. Sharon Viquez

This was one of the most helpful videos I've seen on surfing. Thanks for making this video! Elliot Marx

Hi Martin, I liked Surfing 110% because; 1) Good customer support, 2) Small files (sections) and fast downloading
I forgot the most important thing. I like the great instructions. Easy to understand because I can see my "Natural" style throughout the video. Thank you again. Miki Fujisawa

Excellent DVD. I've been surfing for a few years but wanted to pick up my game. All the tips are so clearly explained that I surfed better the very next time I went out.  Dan Jackson

Very good, biomechanical breakdown of some advanced maneuvers’ in surfing and the common problems that arise. Load on your Ipod and watch before you surf.  Harry Knight

Awesome, made improvements on surfing after first view especially on my hacks! whoop! Owain Hughes

Excellent footage and breakdown of all the moves. Simply the best surf coaching DVD series you can buy, looking forward to the third installment. Mathew Tucker

Get it, it rocks! William Hannah

Despite many years of surfing this dvd proves your always learning. Mick Potter

The best instructional dvd ever. Janos Szentes

Good explanation, good examples also examples of mistakes. Arjan Mulder

Learnt a few little things on first watch that sank in, happy days! Well made.Tik

To the next level! Rob Ralls

Great DVD, great tips. Watched it once and it's helped my surfing already. Chris

Best instructional video ever. The volume 1 is more useful for beginners though. Looking forward to volume 3. Cezar Carvalho Pereira

Excellent DVD to improve your surfing technique - haven't seen anything that comes even close! Geronimo Dennis Cremer

Another great dvd. Stephen courtney,

Good solid advice. Huw

110% Surfing Techniques Volume 1:

The information on how to read the surf is excellent. The tips are very useful and practical. Chris Bradbury

After watching a few times it makes things a lot clearer and my surfing is improving rapidly. Dave Main

Very simply and effective, exactly what I wanted as an intermediate surfer :)Lloyd Nelmes.

Great instructional DVD. Tom B

Very informative, as a relative beginner it has already highlighted several points i need to work on. Just waiting for some surf. Snigofhawson

This DVD is excellent. I only started to learn to surf in the summer, but I have progressed quite a lot and I want to keep getting better. This DVD has helped me immensely to improve my turning and how to tidy up on what I can already do. It’s much cheaper than a surfing instructor, and better, as you can watch it as many times as you like and take notes for the same price. Mr Tristan Jones.

What a great video. Definitely gave me a few pointers that I find experienced surfers (unless paid through a surfschool) are reluctant to share or unable to explain. Good footage, and a great warm-up before our surf trip to morocco.
Frode Oluf Fraser

Great video produced by a UK surf school. Good tips for surfers wanting to improve their skills. Clive W

What a great video. Definitely gave me a few pointers that I find experienced surfers (unless paid through a surfschool) are reluctant to share or unable to explain. Good footage, and a great warm-up before our surf trip to morocco.  Frode Oluf Fraser

Good vid, simple but effective. Joe

Great DVD. I am not a beginner but I have found plenty of useful tips and information and I haven't watched the advanced section yet. Really makes you want to go out for a surf after watching though! Anon

Good informative DVD as a total novice it gave me a few good pointers just got to wait now until my holidays to Cornwall not many waves on the canals in Birmingham. William Gardner

This dvd was everything i needed. Step by step tips.....straight to the point!!!!
Danny Heath

Great video used it for correcting mistakes. Anthony Meadowcrof

Got me standing up last weekend at Tullan Strand so it was money well spent!
Chris Jefferies

Perfect for me as I progress with my surfing learning curve, refreshing some of the points I had forgotten from my lessons. Jason

Well put together, good explanations and shots, good advice to pick one thing to work on at a time. Geordiemark

I have already watched this a couple of times. Am real happy with my purchase. This is what it says it is. Lots helpful techniques. Rob

Comprehensive and easy to understand!! Kain Owen

Excellent dvd informative and inspirational to any beginner.. Like myself i am totally hooked on surfing.. at the ripe old age of 44! david palme

Excellent. A couple of easy tips improved my surfing very next time in the water
Simon Williams

As a beginner I found the tips on this DVD very useful and informative. Mark

Quality DVD some good tips. Aida

Does what it says on the tin! Good slow-mo and explanations...Adam

Great basic and advanced tips. For anyone with basic surfing skills, this is a lot cheaper and more useful than surfing lessons to improve your surfing! Donald Baker

As an intermediate/advanced surfer. I though the step by step guides were excellent! Robin

Really useful for brushing up on the basics as well as learning more advanced techniques. Video demonstrations brilliant!Rosie

Great dvd, I'm just a beginner and it had lots of useful tips that are a great help!
Patrick Case


One word sums up this video - outstanding. King Kelly might not learn much from it, but for most of us this has got to be the best learning aid you will ever see!

Some really good tips in the dvd, things I hadn’t heard before. Tom O'Sullivan.

Best learning dvd I have ever seen ! Recommend to everyone. A must have for the dvd collection! Paul Tully

Would recommend this dvd to any one ....cracking guide some very useful tips. carl walker

Good full- and slow-motion explanation of intermediate moves! Frederik Vanrenterghem

It’s a pretty good DVD for beginners, concise, demonstrative, where any one can learn step by step. Ricardo Rebelo

Very informative, have already learned a lot in a very short space of time. andy mee

Really useful. Picked up plenty of tips to progress.Jimbo

More advice than you can shake a stick at, definitely something for everyone...
Ben Wright

My 10 yr old loved it and his technique is greatly improved. mister humphrey

Well broken down, including separate footage for regular and goofy footers. Good stuff! G. Fontaine

Was impressed with the range of matter covered- stuff for real beginners like how to paddle the board, right through to decent shortboard moves. Good to see it catering for us goofy riders as well as 'normal' stances! Matthew Jones

Good dvd covering many areas that others have failed to get right. I would say that for anyone looking at improving or starting off this dvd should be the 1st one off the shelf. RussD

beginner/intermediate sections are class with great slo-mo demonstrations. Lots of tips. Ste Sykes

This dvd is packed with info/tips for the beginner and intermediate surfer. I have been surfing for 4 years and there's little things that im not doing right and this has explained it, I can not wait to go out there and put it all into practice. There's definitely something on this DVD for every surfer no matter how long they have been surfing for! CI_surfer_JSY,

I have been or should I say trying to surf for 18mths, so this for me going from the basics forward is very good. In fact I should have bought this 18mths ago. Keith Jones

Fantastic product, myself and all my friends have all got something out of this dvd. Michael Bryson