1) How do you download movies onto a computer?

We use Vimeo's Video On Demand (VOD), all you need to do is open an account with Vimeo (free) and then you can shop on VOD. You can download the videos straight to your computer and save them so you have them forever. Or can watch them on Vimeo via streaming, you can stream at any time. There is also an option to rent for 72 hours, this is cheaper but you can't download. Whereas as the download option is forever.

Lot of info on Vimeo: https://help.vimeo.com/hc/en-us/sections/207285927-Vimeo-On-Demand

2) Can you download videos onto your iphone, mobile device, tablet or ipad?

Yes, on VOD you get a download option of different files sizes so you don't fill up your device.


3) Do the 110% DVDs play in the US?

Yes, we have NTSC versions of 110%, so when purchasing pick the NTSC version of 110%. There are not NTSC versions of Surfbrain and Surfboard guide, but you can still watch them on your computer/laptop. And some DVD players will play NTSC and PAL.


4) What are the postage costs?

The postage cost will be shown during the shopping card process, and you'll see the shipping cost before you make payment.

Free UK postage.

£2.99 for most European countries for x1DVD, £3.49 for 2, and £5.50 for 5 DVDs.

£4.99 worldwide for x1 DVD. £5.99 for x2 DVDs, £6.99 for 3 and £7.99 for 5 DVDs.

The DVDs are sent by Royal Mail, first class, not tracked.