About Us

Surfing Techniques is produced by Martin and Annika Connolly. HQ is in Bigbury on-sea, South Devon, England. They also run one of the largest and premier surf schools in the UK; Discovery Surf School from Bigbury and Challaborough Bay. Discovery has been operating since 2002.
If you would like to contact us, please email surftechniques@gmail.com or tel +44 7813 639622. 
The footage is filmed at home in Devon and Cornwall in England. Plus lots of filming in France, Bali, Australia, Canary Islands, New Zealand, Cook Islands, Maldives, Costa Rica, and Spain.
The tips and techniques are written by Martin Connolly, who has been a qualified surf instructor for 18 years (ASI Trainer) and is the 2013 and 2012 English Masters Champion. The voice over is done by Annika Connolly who also surfs and video's.
    Pictured above is the producer/writer Martin Connolly in Bali.
    Above is Annika Connolly surfing in Hawaii. Annika is the 'voice over girl' on the videos.
    Above is Seb Connolly who features in the videos and also produces some of the music. This pic is from a recent filming trip to Costa Rica where Volume 4 and 5 was filmed.
    Above is a movie about Discovery Surf School.