About Our Videos

Our videos aim to provide you with a tool to improve your surfing, we have a wide range of tips and techniques to help you take your surfing to the next level. With each video having a regular and goofy foot version to make it easier to visualize the tips.

110% Surfing Techniques Volume 1 has the most beginner tips out of all the volumes, including basics surf information. Popular sections on here are catching green waves, pop up and duck diving.


110% Surfing Techniques Volume 2 has some really good move breakdowns, lots of fault analysis to improve your surfing fundamentals. Popular sections are bottom turn, heavy drops and tube riding. There are 20 video sections in total.

110% Surfing Techniques Volume 3 has lots of high performance sections like airs, reverses, and next level off the lip. And also sections for every level, like catch more waves, surf more dynamically and surf faster. There are 16 separate video sections.


 110% Surfing Techniques Volume 4 has over 1 hour of top tips and techniques. Volume 4 has three big sections on how to read waves, and lots of backhand surfing tuition.  Surfing fundamentals are covered, with the aim of improving technique, for example taking off, paddling, and catching waves. As well as lots of forehand surfing sections.
The instructional videos have information, top tips, technique breakdown, fault correction and lots of camera angles to help visualize the tips.
We've just recently added an extra 16 minute section about surfing over reefs and wipeouts. 

Volumes 1 to 4 Special Offer. Discounted package and also includes Surfboard Guide & Surf Quiz.

  With Vimeo on Demand you can download, stream or rent the videos. VOD allows you to download to your computer, mobile device, tablet, ipad, iphone and also stream any time.