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This includes 110% Surfing Techniques Volume 1,2 and 3, and Surfboard Guide.

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Heaps of great content.

110% Surfing Techniques Volume 1 DVD

INTERMEDIATE: Board Trim   Bottom Turn   Catching Waves (whitewater)   Catching Green Waves   Cross Stepping   Cutback (backhand)   Cutback (forehand)   Duck Dive   Eskimo Roll   Knee Techniques   Outback   Paddling   Paddling Out   Pop up   Riding Green Waves   Stall n Trim   Stance & Balance   The drop   Turning   Speed Turns

ADVANCED: Backhand Off the Lip   Forehand Off the lip   Power Off the Top   Roundhouse (forehand)

SURF INFO: Sea Safety Surf Etiquette Wave Types      BONUS: SUP Basics

110% Surfing Techniques Volume 2 DVD
2.01 Cutback & Waveface
2.02 Tail Throw (backhand)
2.03 Speed 
2.04 Pump
2.05 Grab Rail 
2.06 Power Paddle  
2.07 Advanced Take Off  & Heavy Drop 
2.08 Fast Waves 
2.09 Set Up Turn
2.10 Carve (forehand)
2.11 Which Bottom Turn
2.12 Swooping Off the Top
2.13 Snap
2.14 Foam Climb
2.15 Tube Riding
2.16 Shoulder Hopper  
2.17 Flow  
2.18 Rippy Line Up  
2.19 Credits

110% Surfing Techniques Volume 3  DVD
3.01 Surf Better in Small Waves
3.02 Catch More Waves Part 1
3.03 Catch More Waves Part 2
3.04 Surf faster part 1
3.05 Surf faster part 2
3.06 Make your turns look better
3.07 Improve style & technique
3.08 Surf more Dynamically
3.09 Stance Versatility
3.10 Create More Spray
3.11 Next level off the lip
3.12 Reverse 360
3.13 Airs part 1 – Type of Airs
3.14 Airs part 2 – Frontside Air
3.15 Airs part 3 – Air Reverse & Air 360
3.16 Airs part 4 – Alley Oop
3.17 Credits

Surfboard Guide DVD



Note: We have PAL (worldwide) and NTSC (US & Canada) versions of 110% Vol 1,2 & 3. But only the PAL version of Surfboard Guide. Some US Dvd players won't play PAL, but most will and you can still play them on computers.

Review from Customers who have watched a 110% Surfing Techniques Video:
"Well broken down, including separate footage for regular and goofy footers". Good stuff! G. Fontaine

"Was impressed with the range of matter covered- stuff for real beginners like how to paddle the board, right through to decent shortboard moves. Good to see it catering for us goofy riders as well as 'normal' stances! "Matthew Jones

"Good dvd covering many areas that others have failed to get right. I would say that for anyone looking at improving or starting off this dvd should be the 1st one off the shelf." RussD

"beginner/intermediate sections are class with great slo-mo demonstrations. Lots of tips." Ste Sykes

"This dvd is packed with info/tips for the beginner and intermediate surfer. I have been surfing for 4 years and there's little things that im not doing right and this has explained it, I can not wait to go out there and put it all into practice. There's definitely something on this DVD for every surfer no matter how long they have been surfing for! "CI_surfer_JSY,

I have been or should I say trying to surf for 18mths, so this for me going from the basics forward is very good. In fact I should have bought this 18mths ago." Keith Jones

"Fantastic product, myself and all my friends have all got something out of this dvd." Michael Bryson

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