POP UP - Timing

This week we've picked out 3 clips from the take off video for you to view. This video showcases the timing, if you are popping up too late so you are in the trough, you'll be fighting gravity. Too early and you could miss the wave, but also the board is flatter which makes it more physically demanding to pop up.
Keep a look out for some more take off insights and videos this week.

Our Take Off/Pop Up video is the most viewed video on 110% Surfing Techniques Volume 4, according to our Vimeo On Demand stats. I think this is because it is such an important part of surfing, and is also key to all levels of surfing, from beginners catching their first waves, intermediates riding green waves through to advanced surfers looking to sharpen their skills in small waves or making a drop on a sucky wave.


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