Wraps n Hacks - TV Schedule

We've just added Wraps n Hacks to SURFING TECHNIQUES TV. It has some of my favourite surfers to draw inspiration from, including Mick Fanning and Dane Reynolds - the clips of them are old, but the powerful turns are certainly not dated.

Next upload: Reading Waves Part 3 - Wave Knowledge
Next Month: Backhand Attack Part 2 - Carve n Combos

And lots of videos to look forward to in the future:
4.07 High Lining – Do you get caught behind? Waves runs off with out you? Watch this video. 4min 25sec
4.16 Surfing Over Reef part 3 - How to punch through, wipeout & eject. 5min 17

5.02 Backhand Stab. Stab style reo/end section hit 3min 35
5.03 Floater - Speed Generating 4min 26
5.04 How to Combine moves. Rail to rail bottom turn 5min 40sec
5.05 Layback Hack. Drop wallet 3min 13
5.06 Body Dynamics. Speed & balance.8min 10sec
5.07 Quick Tips. Forehand turns 3min 03 secs
5.08 Tube Tips - forehand 3min 23
5.09 Progression. Surf more 2min 0sec
5.10 Duck Dive. Tips & etiquette 10min 55 sec
5.11 Duck Dive Challenge. Duck diving big boards 3min 40sec.

Plus videos that I am currently writing and editing.

All the best - Martin

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