Surfing Techniques TV is live!

You can subscribe now. And below is a discount code of 25% for the first month. Discount Code: LAUNCH25

The reason for the new is platform is for me to be able to add new content easily, and I can also re-edit videos too. I have also streamlined our content so its easier to navigate, giving you the opportunity to work on specific sections at a time.

So if you subscribe you'll have access to new and exclusive content. and there are lots of videos already there to watch now. You can browse the videos collections here:

For those of you that have purchased our complete series (volumes 1-4) through Vimeo on Demand, you would have seen most of the videos (at present). But we will be adding at least one new video every month, I have a lots of video already edited (volume 5), that nobody has seen, and I will writing/editing more videos as I go. Some of the videos also have sub titles in English and Portuguese, and I'll be adding more as I go. 

And here is a list of all the videos that I have already edited which will be added over time. I am super stoked with the videos, my best content thus far, but I guess you can be the judge of that!

5.01 End Section Reo. Master class on hitting the end section. 8min 46
5.02 Backhand Stab. Stab style reo/end section hit 3min 35
5.03 Floater - Speed Generating 4min 26
5.04 How to Combine moves. Rail to rail bottom turn 5min 40sec
5.05 Layback Hack. Drop wallet 3min 13
5.06 Body Dynamics. Speed & balance.8min 10sec
5.07 Quick Tips. Forehand turns 3min 03 secs
5.08 Tube Tips - forehand 3min 23
5.09 Progression. 2min 0sec
5.10 Duck Dive. Tips & etiquette 10min 55 sec
5.11 Duck Dive Challenge. 3min 40sec.

The more subscribers to the channel, the more time I would be able to devote to content. I hope you can support our new platform.

Many thanks, all the best - Martin

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