Surf Fuel - from My Delicious Life

We have 3 bonus videos on SURF FUEL in our 110% Surfing Techniques Complete Series (OUT NOW). Thanks to Evonne at My Delicious Life for the insightful content, here is one of the videos, all 3 videos are free to watch.

Surf Fuel - On the Move from 110% Surfing Techniques on Vimeo

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Alain A. Montiel

I really like your video. They’re very informative.

I’d like to know where in Australia is the best surfing for a seven year old? That’s how old my son, is.

He’s already done some surfing: tandem in Santa Cruz, and solo at Waikiki Beach. Soon, he’ll be taking lessons at Half Moon Bay.

Also, when is the best time to go surfing at your recommended location.

Please let me know as soon as possible because I have to make flight arrangements and hotel accommodations.



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