Reading Waves Part 3 - Now Live on Surfing Techniques TV

Reading Waves Part 3

New video added for subscribers of Surfing Techniques TV. This video has some tips on gaining wave knowledge, specifically for performance on the wave face. Including brief points on fingers, cutbacks and tubes. Its a mix of basic stuff and progressive.

Coming up next for TV subscribers is Backhand Attack Part 2. And lots of new content to come, including all of our recently edited Volume 5.

4.09 Backhand Part 2 - Carve & Combos. 3min50
4.16 Surfing Over Reef Part 3 - How to punch through, wipeout & eject 5min17
4.07 High Lining – Make Sections & Set up Big Turns. 4min 25sec

5.01 End Section Reo.  Hitting the closeout/finishing your ride 8min 46  LIVE
5.02 Backhand Stab. Stab style reo/end section hit 3min 35
5.03 Floater - Speed Generating 4min 26 
5.04 How to Combine moves. Rail to rail bottom turn 5min 40sec
5.05 Layback Hack. Drop wallet 3min 13
5.06 Body Dynamics.  Speed & balance.8min 10sec
5.07 Quick Tips. Forehand turns 3min 03 secs
5.08 Tube Tips - forehand 3min 23
5.09 Progression. Surf more 2min 0sec (just one version)
5.10 Duck Dive. Tips & etiquette 10min 55 sec
5.11 Duck Dive Challenge. Duck diving big boards 3min 40sec.

I am also currently writing a video on Surfing Etiquette, going to go really in-depth and cover the finer details, including the grey areas.

All the best - Martin






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