110% Surfing Techniques Volume 4 - OUT SOON!

110% Surfing Techniques Volume 4 is out soon! We're going to set the exact release date soon, here is some info about the content:

Take your surfing to the next level 110% Surfing Techniques Volume 4. 1 hour of top tips and techniques for all levels of surfers. Volume 4 has three big sections on how to read waves, and lots of backhand surfing tuition.

Volume 4 also covers some surfing fundamentals, but with the aim of improving the technique, for example taking off, paddling, and catching waves. As well as lots of forehand surfing sections.

The instructional videos have information, top tips, technique breakdown, fault correction and lots of camera angles to help visualize the tips.
There are goofy foot versions of the more technical videos too, to help you apply the tips to your surfing. And subtitled versions too.

Filmed in England, France, Canary Islands, Indonesia and Maldives.

4.00 Intro - 31sec
4.01 Reading Waves Part 1 - Wave Selection. 8min 49sec
4.02 Reading Waves Part 2 - Positioning. 6min 29sec
4.03 Reading Waves Part 3 - On the Wave. 5min 14 sec
4.04 Catch More Waves - Mobility in the line-up. 1min 39 sec
4.05 Catch More Waves - Paddling Techniques. 5min 14 sec
4.06 Take Off - Pop Up 3min 48sec
4.07 High Lining – Make Sections & Set up Big Turns. 4min 25sec
4.08 Backhand Part 1 – Bottom Turn, Vert, Power Whip & Fins Out. 8min 50sec
4.09 Backhand Part 2 - Carve & Combos. 3min50
4.10 Forehand Part 1 - Bottom Turn Drive. 6min 01
4.11 Forehand Part 2 - Bog Rail Prevention. 2min 35
4.12 Forehand Part 3 - Wraps n Hacks. 3min 24sec
4.13 Credits - 45sec

Cover photo Martin Connolly, taken by Alex Williams.

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